Monday, April 21, 2014

The good life.

Seldom, do I find people that are truly happy.
Happy with how it's been.
Happy with how it is.
Happy about what is unknown.

It was truly my pleasure to be able to hang out and record this (incredibly beautiful) day for this family.

Thanks Nick and Meghan.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SATO48 2014

We made another film.

Some of you (ok, both of you) know I made my FILM DEBUT last year for our local annual 48 hour film challenge, SATO48.  I was immediately hooked on the insane perimeters we were faced with.  
In a nutshell,
once a year, about 100 local film makers come to the kickoff  not having any idea what their film will be about until we receive our 'Inspiration Package".  Last year we had to incorporate our local newspaper and use the number 8 in different ways and include certain language at some point in our film.  Before my time, the Inspiration Packages have included a real (dead) squid, Pez dispensers, and lots of other goofy and weird props over the years.
This year we were given Two Won (Korean currency) as our prop.
Most of our team from last year (Andrew Beiler, Nathan Flowers, Serena Capuzzo, and John Cochran) came back together to take the challenge again.  Obvious Films' team added Rob Webb and Amanda Ricketts this year -and it was gooood. 
Our expectations were high.  Our 4 actors went to 6 locations to shoot a dozen COMPLETELY different characters.  Some of us got a little sleep around the 24 hour mark.  Others worked near 36 hours to complete the film on time.

Well that didn't happen.
It was just too much.

We even had a fairly serious medical issue.
Good times.

Last year we turned our film in with a comfortable 2 minutes to spare.  This year, we needed another hour or two.  
There was an opportunity to go ahead and have our film screened if we turned it in by 8pm the next evening.  We made the decision to bow out entirely, and edit the film the way we want it done.
With that said, I hope to have it ready in the coming weeks.  I hope you will Like my Facebook Page, Friend me, Tweet me, Subscribe, or whatever you do to connect via social media.  I'll be releasing information as it comes.
In the meantime, here are a few behind the scenes shots to wet your whistle.

Farm life.

He's ok.  Promise.

Method actors.

Wow man.

Our feisty cowgirl.

Like they're models or something.

Like she needs the energy.

"What are you guys looking at?"

War paint.

He kept spitting a fake mouthpiece onto the floor -and reusing it.

It's only 2am.


Not bad for 5am.

We keep it pretty casual on set.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Girl time.

I met Marissa while Zak (my youngest son) and I were out at some yard sales a couple of years ago.  We struck up a little conversation.  It turns out she was a former Miss Teen USA.  Can I spot them or what?!  I assume I stared a little because I had to do a bit of reassuring to her my marriage was intact and I wasn't trying anything funny.  She has since agreed to be my pal.  
Since, I've watched her start the gorgeous family you see below.  Now married to a deployed Navy man, Marissa wanted to make sure he could see his little girls.  This Lifestyle session was the perfect solution.  
He certainly is a lucky man.  It was awesome hanging out with you girls.  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your gift.